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The attitude of a leader...

1. Proximity

  • A comprehensive, locally-managed service.
  • Facilitating communication and understanding through one interlocutor for all services

2. Flexibility

  • Technical and service solutions specially adapted to your company’s needs.

3. Environmental ethics

  • Development of our own initiatives based on our knowledge of and respect for the current legislation.
  • Optimal processing of waste.

4. Service quality

  • All the services provided by Transpal are fully guaranteed by its Quality Systems.


Our main business activity was initially the control and valuation of wood waste recovery operations. Our experience of more than 30 years, the trust of our Clients and environmental needs have led our company to become an Integral Waste Disposal Company.

Our company is certified by the Catalan Waste Agency as an Authorised Waste Disposal Company, with number E-427-97.

Transpal is committed to protecting the environment. This premise is the basic pillar upon which our business activity is founded. As the result of our commitment to nature and respect for the environment, we make every attempt to reduce environmental impact, offering solutions focused at ensuring that the final destination of waste is not a landfill.


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