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  • Customised advisory service on the integral management of waste, in accordance withEuropean Regulation 1836-93, at the lowest cost for your company.
  • Evaluation and verification of the waste currently generated by your company and the environmental impact of that waste, pursuant to the applicable regulations on documentation and Waste Disposal and Transport companies which are authorised as such by the competent authority.
  • Annual Waste Declaration..
  • Allegations and the necessary formalities..
  • Study of the real needs of the facilities, to adapt the equipment to the occupational risk prevention legislation and environmental requirements.

Environmental consultancy service

TRANSPAL furnishes advice to its client, allowing them to reduce waste treatment costs and attaches special importance to environmental conservation.

Our track record in the waste recovery and treatment sector has led us to create an Environmental Management Division, which provides advice to all our clients regarding environmental issues that are part of their activities, and proposes more effective, professional and economical controls, in all cases complying with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

Assessorem a tots els nostres clients en totes les qüestions mediambientals que envolten la seva activitat, proposant una gestió més eficaç, professional i econòmica, complint sempre totes les disposicions legals i normatives.

We have a team of professionals that includes environmental advisers, quality advisers, lawyers and engineers who will quickly and efficiently provide you with information.


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