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Two types of phytosanitary treatments are permitted: heat treatment, in which the core of the wood is exposed to a temperature of 56º within 30 minutes and fumigation with methyl bromide.

Transpal has decided to adopt the NIMF 15 standard (heat treatment), since bromide is not authorised for use in food for human use. Registration number ES-08-0032 HTDB

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Phytosanitary certification

Wooden packaging for export constitutes an entry route for harmful organisms. For this reason, the international NIMF-15 standard is applied to regulate wooden packaging. The countries who have signed the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) can apply the phytosanitary requirements imposed by this regulation on imported goods.

The phytosanitary certification programme for packaging used for export includes the following wooden packaging materials: pallets, wood for stowing, boxes or drums, packaging sheets, loading platforms, adjoining shelves and carts which are totally or partly made of unprocessed wood from all kinds of broadleaf and conifer trees.

The National Protection Organisations (NPPO) of countries exporting goods to the countries to which this legislation applies must set up a conformity control mechanism for all wooden packaging materials accepted by them.


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